A Hero who Holds Chalk

In the middle of nowhere, my young mind starts to wonder. I became curious about the things that is happening around me. I am thinking about legions of vague things, and from that, I found myself dreaming. Upon closing my eyes, I end up asking myself, “What would I become? Where my heart belongs to?” Then, my soul enunciated, “I want to become an educator someday.”

Stepping on the school ground is my greatest happiness because I know to myself that this will be my future home. At my very young age, I already saw myself as a teacher. I really love explaining in front of many people and sharing my point of views to them. Although I encountered some difficulties when I was in primary school, I did not take it as a piece of hindrance, but rather, I accepted it as a lesson that I will use for the next level of my life.

Growing up with a strict parent with high expectations gives me ample pressure in terms of studies. It leads me to a tendency that my strong desire to learn will enliven my soul, and it will be my passageway to success. Honestly, I became grade conscious, but I think it is somehow an advantage for me. Through that kind of attitude, I walked on the stage, faced the crowd, and happily grasped the award with a sweet curve on my lips. Yes, I graduated with distinction in secondary school.

For almost 10 years of studying, I foresee the devotion and passion of every teacher that I encountered. Though they are being disrespected by some students, it cannot stop them from inspiring, educating and empowering the heart and mind of those people who lack on literacy; they were still the one who can cure ignorance, and source of knowledge.

Upon realizing those things, I asked myself, “Is this the profession that I really want?” Indeed, to be a teacher is not an easy task to be fulfilled. But, I finally  perceived  and accept to myself that making lesson plans, instructional materials, and spending the rest of my time in school will be my job in the near future.

When my imagination hits my mind, I view myself as a successful teacher, an adviser of high school students, and maybe, an adviser of the publication team. I will teach my students in the best possible way I can, and I will share my knowledge in the field of journalism to my beloved campus journalists. We will compete in different schools, write articles wholeheartedly, and proudly claim the victory. That’s how i see my life for the years to come.

I believed that “not all heroes wear capes” because most of the heroes are found in school. They are saving lives from being miserable, and curing ignorant minds by using their mighty weapons– chalks, books, and lesson plans. Professionals of today were not able to attain their place without the help of educators. After three years, I will stand in front of benighted minds, and fill those up with lore that they can possibly use to make their lives fruitful.


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