i was dumbfounded, somehow saddened, when i heard the news.

sudden flashbacks hit my mind,

and it seems like i was diverted to nirvana.

in a world where everything is fine,

in a world where laughter is legitimate,

in a world where the two souls endure the delight.

i saw you and I.

we exist in that world.

i saw the way it was before.

the days when the bliss is ours,

the days when we used to hang out in our haunts.

the days when we enervate ourselves because of the non-stop stroll

the days when our talks are endless.

but now, we are oblivious.

because your world was diverted to other people’s world.

you are now other’s company,

and it seems like you slowly forgetting the world that you’ve been before

with the people you thought the best.

your attention is ungraspable.

it is now beyond my reach;

i cannot seize nor catch it from them.

you are now trekking the road of happily ever after,

and i know you are brave enough to live with it.

i am happy, and much grateful because you learned

the things i never thought you can.

cheers for you.




Posted in POV.

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