Star-crossed Love Chronicle

The love that connects us is like a tragic movie

But I cannot see the usual plot of the story

My eyes are in sorrow as I watch the beginning

My heart mourns as I witness the ending.


Climax is not as exhilarating as others say

You gave me butterflies within a numbered day

I woke up after watching this beautiful tragedy

The events are figment of unfortunate destiny.


Believing in “you and me” is an imagination

Thinking about you gives me sweet illusion

Hoping that your whole world will be mine

Seeing you with another girl isn’t just fine.


I never thought of this unlucky destiny

Perfect time for us doesn’t agree

Another man is holding my hand on that day

So, you let me go and stay away.


Upon looking at you, your face seems hopeless

As I glance at your eyes, you are emotionless

Evident agony in your heart gives me nuisance

And you keep on saying “there’s no more chance”.


But now our world turned upside down

Your name lingers as if it’s a beautiful sound.

I made you my mighty prince in this hoax story

But you made me the villain of your fantasy.


You gave her your love and you set me aside

You show her the love which you cannot hide

The happiness in your eyes is clear in my vision

But it caused me pain and makes my heart torn.


Glimpsing you with her gives me insecurity

I asked myself “Why we can’t be?”

My heart has overflowing positivity

I’m still hoping that you’ll end up with me.


Everyone wants to be the “other girl”

Because she is always his eyes’ dear pearl

In this world, I only have two choices,

Its either choose the best, or be a mess.

Posted in POV.

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